Pictures that Suck

Ok, it has to be said. There are some pictures that are going to automatically "suck."

Pictures of your kids suck. Pictures of your pets suck. Pictures of sunsets suck. Pictures of fall leaves suck..... There are lots of types of pictures that suck. 

Why do they suck? Well, pretty simply it's because they are not "special" to the viewer. I do not have the same attachment to your kids or pets that you do, and you simply cannot convey that emotion to me with a picture. I have seen very beautiful sunsets and fall colors, in fact they are probably even more beautiful in my memory than they were in real life. A picture cannot compete with that.

Don't get me wrong. I still take those pictures, but I take them for myself because they mean something to me. And that's good enough.

And they don't HAVE to suck.

Taken w/ P&S Camera


Syrah, a mouse's perspective 

reflections of fall

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