UniqBall Tripod Head

I did a video review of the UniqBall tripod head. The video is a bit long at ~ 14min so I'll give a short answer here:

IMO it is the most versatile tripod head with the fewest compromises, but it's not perfect. It has a few issues common to all ballheads and a couple of it's own quirks. The biggest issue IMO is that panning tension can never be separated from tilt tension. And if you really want to get the maximum out of the ball head you're going to need an L-plate and a Nodal Rail (but they aren't a requirement).

After extensive use I find that I like the product quite a lot and the UniqBall is my new "one solution" for almost everything. But like everything else in photography, almost every decision is some kind of compromise. And the same is true here.

BTW, no need to tell me my screen personality sucks... I'm well aware.


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