SpiderPro Hand Strap, SpiderPro Holster, and CarrySpeed F2 Plate

I hate camera straps... I use them of course, but only when absolutely necessary.

I've owned several CarrySpeed straps from prior to BlackRapid getting their patent. The neoprene ones all failed under heavy use (15lbs+). But I still have an "Extreme" model that hasn't failed yet... for whatever that's worth. I also own Black Rapid straps, but I don't use them anymore after having worn most of the way through the zinc alloy clips. And I own/use Peak Design and OpTech straps attached to an Arca Swiss StrapClamp with good results. But I've never found the perfect strap, and they all annoy me because they get in the way. Particularly when one camera is in the bag or on a tripod.
My preferred method of carrying a DSLR or multiple DSLR's is with the SpiderPro Holster attached to a ThinkTank belt/bag combined with a CarrySpeed folding plate (F1 or F2) on the cameras. 

The F2 plate shown here is both Arca Swiss and Manfrotto compatible, and the pin is compatible with the SpiderPro Holster. It is also compatible with CarrySpeed Straps of course, but the straps violate BR's BS patent in the USA. I find this plate the best solution for quickly attaching/removing a strap (using the StrapClamp) while also maintaining tripod compatibility, and also allowing me to use the SpiderPro Holster w/ no strap at all. Additionally, it is fairly "low profile" and minimally obtrusive when holding the camera in portrait orientation.

But using a camera all day without a strap can be tiring, it can lead to hand strain, and there's not much security against dropping it. Particularly if you have hands with old injuries, bursitis, arthritis like I do. To alleviate this I've tried several various wrist straps and hand straps. Wrist straps only provide added protection against dropping, you definitely do not want to carry a heavy gripped DSLR with a heavy lens hanging from one. And of all of the hand straps I've tried previously have had some issue or other. I've tried Joby, PeakDesign, and various other generic versions and they all seem to have two common weaknesses... They are bulkier than necessary, not particularly comfortable (some are better than others), and they aren't that easy to use because they all flop around. I don't want to have to use my other hand to position, reposition, and adjust the strap all the time.

I want my hand to slide in with the strap falling into place automatically. I want the strap to be secure and comfortable with the minimum of bulk and hassle... And this is exactly what the SpiderPro Hand Strap does. I don't use the security strap because it slows camera swaps down, and I just don't find it necessary. But it's included if you want that additional protection.

If I have a complaint it's that the installation if fairly "permanent" and it adds just that little bit of bulk to the camera in the bag. But that's also what allows it to function as well as it does. I'm using it with professional gripped full frame cameras and it's a great fit for me. I do think it is probably best when secured under a larger plate... if you use the washer and screw they include with the strap instead, I think it would flop around a lot more.

I finally have my whole "carry system" sorted now... it's only taken a bit over 3 decades to get here (plus a lot of trail and error).






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