RTM. You'll see this occasionally in response to questions. It stands for "Read The Manual". While it may not seem like a very helpful bit of advice, it really is some of the best advice you could get.

Whenever you have a basic question, or are having a technical issue, the first place you should look is the manual. Chances are the information in there will be right.

Many find the OEM manual too dry and not terribly helpful or easy to follow. That's not surprising. It's because the OEM manuals are written by technicians and not by photographers.

If you are one of those people, don't fret. There are "better manuals" available. One of the most popular series are the Magic Lantern Guides. Also well reviewed are the Digital Field Guides and the Expanded Guides.

One of the main benefits of these manuals is they tend to organize the material in a more "fluent" flow, and they often include "goodies" such as quick reference cards and grey cards.

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