This is an area of photography that almost automatically "sucks." It's sad, but true.

Why? It's because "scenics" are almost always about "pretty", and "pretty pictures" suck. This is too bad, because pretty pictures ARE pretty. And they're easy to take. Maybe that's part of the problem, anyone can take them.


So what can you do to make a scenic not suck? Well, it's the same things you should do for any type of photography. First, pre-visualize the picture. Find a subject. Look for unique angles. Show them something they might not see even if they were there.

I was actually in the water for this shot.


It took me probably 10 minutes to "find" this image.


A dramatic sky really helps this image.


I waited most of a year for those hay bails.


They're all nice pictures, well done and better than most. But you probably don't want to buy one to hang on your wall. Not unless you really love barns, some people do.


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