A Simple Paper Trick


This one comes from the days before digital. Before there were voice recorders in our phones and cameras. Before it was simple to just snap a quick picture as "a reminder". It comes from carrying paper and pen along on photography outings.

 (The following images are SOOC, only resized to fit. Canon G10..whatever settings)


Here's a pic of a yellow iris.


The idea for this shot was to highlight the color and translucence, you know how some flowers look so cool with the light coming thru them?

Well, as you can see the strong backlighting from above is throwing some pretty strong shadows.


Here it is fixed.


And here's the trick.


It's not really a trick at all. It's just using a piece of paper as a bounce card. 

It's just a folded up and wrinkled piece of paper with writing on the back that was in my pocket. I used to use a small "pocket" spiral notebook. It doesn't have to be anything great. In fact, the folds and wrinkles in the paper make it easier to hold it in place. And what does a sheet of paper weigh? How much space does it take up?

Bouncing light is a very fundamental lighting technique/skill. Starting small with a piece of paper on static subjects like flowers can help in learning the basics. 

But more importantly it helps you to think about the light and what you can do to change it for the better. It will help in advancing from "taking pictures" to "making pictures". 

If you already know all about bouncing light, well sometimes just having "the right tool" on hand makes all the difference. And sometimes the right tool could be a simple piece of paper.

You can also use it to block light if desired. 


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