The Easiest Seamless Background & Reflection

This is something I've known about for a long time and thought I'd share. Here's a very quick and dirty example picture (handheld, no post, no care). It only took about 3 minutes to set up and take this picture.


And here's how I created it.


This is very basic lighting and much better could be done w/ a bit of time/effort. I just put my SB800 in SU4 mode (1/128) and triggered it w/ the popup on my V2 (min power). The BG is a small black v-flat (folding "presentation board" from craft store).

This trick can be used with many items that you have two of. W/ things like wine bottles extra care needs to be used to support the lower bottle (stacked boxes 1 inside the other w/ concentric holes in them works). I once used this trick to do a "mixed drink" shot using gin and tonic bottles together (tonic "reflection" of the gin).

Hope you find this useful!

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