Tripod Muck Shoes

If you ever work in snow, sand, or muck, you know that using a tripod can be problematic. That's because the tripod wants to continually sink into the surface.


You can buy specialty replacement feet for this, but it will cost you between $30-$70 for a set. Here are a couple of much cheaper options.



On the left is the top off of a can, and on the right is a "powder basket" for walking sticks. The can lids are free and you can get four baskets (two sets) for about $10 if you shop around.


The can lid has a 3/8" hole drilled into it. You can then attach it to the tripod with the foot.



When attached like this it is *only* suitable for soft surfaces as the lid contacts the surface at an angle before the foot does. But this is actually good; because the lid is at an angle the forces want to cause the legs to move together, but the weight on the tripod is forcing them apart. This causes higher resistive forces to sinking.


Alternatively, you can just stick a spiked foot thru the hole.



I have found that the spiked feet will wedge into the hole keeping the basket on the tripod. However, there is an increased risk of loosing one. But hey, you have an extra one already.
It is possible to sand off the raised center part and attach them more firmly with the foot as in the previous image (or just get a longer 3/8-16 bolt and washer to use instead). The rubber baskets have more flexibility to them which makes them a bit more suited to mixed terrain surfaces.



Aparently Gitzo likes this idea... they have an accessory snow basket they include with certain tripod models. Or you can buy them for ~$30 each ($90 for a set!).


Gitzo Accessory Shoe







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