Cheap Diffusion Domes

Have you ever wanted diffused lighting for product or macro photography? If so, you've probably looked at those little light tent kits for around $50. Maybe you've even bought one. Either way, they're cheap for a reason and they don't do a particularly good job as a lighting modifier.

A diffusion dome can do a much better job. Plus, they do a better job of blocking wind. But have you seen the prices???


Here's a commercial product. it is 10in x 15in, it's made out of plastic and it costs $145.


Foba makes a couple of diffusion cones. The really small one costs $200, and the large 19" version costs almost $600.


And here's two other options.

The one on the left is a $10 lamp shade, and the one on the right is a plastic bucket thing I picked up at the dollar store. I just cut a 4" hole in it. I happen to own a 4" hole saw, but the plastic is light enough to cut with a knife (which also makes it a better light modifier). And on the lamp shade I simply broke the wires out of the top...the welds were really flimsy. Both are larger than most of the commercial offerings and they cost a whole lot less.

And this is an example image I took using the lamp shade and two household LED light bulbs.

You don't have to spend a lot of money to do nice work!




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